My name is Courtney Joy

Living in Perth with my fiancΓ© and black rescue cat, River, I’m an avid writer, hobbyist photographer, and the human behind the @therivercat Instagram account.

Writing has been my passion and forte since a young age, which has grown into a fascination with written and visual stories. One of the only things I love as much as chronicling the absurd adventures of our mischievous cat is writing.

Disappearing into the lives of characters helps me cope with Crohn’s Disease and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). There’s nothing quite like causing misery to an unsuspecting fictional person to give you positive vibes.

I have a Bachlor of Arts degree majoring in Creative Writing, and Professional Writing and Publishing from Curtin University. In early 2014, I had a short story published in a local Perth publication called Regime Magazine and now I’m an aspiring novelist. Check me out on LinkedIn to see all my experience.